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Security X-ray machine how to see contraband
2017-10-31 16:57:27
In the station, airport, large public places, whether it is travel or participate in large-scale activities, we can see the security X-ray machine, security X-ray machine is to let us in public places have security, many people do not Understand the working principle of X-ray machine, but also do not know how to check the X-ray machine is a contraband, we travel out, try not to carry contraband, if you do not know what is contraband, inside the airport There will be prompted and furnishings of the physical map.
Security X-ray machine has an output image, security personnel through the image to identify the objects in the package, each object in the security X-ray machine presented in the colors are not the same, security staff before the job have been professional and strict Training, can quickly from the X-ray machine picture "screening" out of prohibited items, and the subway company every day a person responsible for "patrol station" to check and guide their work, security X-ray machine, in the inspection of contraband For the control of the tool, such items in the X-ray machine output image, the color is generally blue or black. The shape of each item will be displayed according to the location of the display!
If you do not know what is contraband, the airport is generally show counters show contraband, the airport has a display cabinet display some of the prohibited samples, firecrackers, lighters gasoline, hair rubber mousse, gas lamps, control tools, Passengers sometimes do not know which items are dangerous goods, which items are prohibited to carry the subway, and these unintended items carried once the risk, the harm is great.