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Leasing Services
1, in line with a variety of large-scale activities, important meetings, sports events and other activities of the temporary needs, Division I can provide security equipment rental services. (Products include: security doors, hand-held metal detectors, X-ray safety inspection equipment, drug explosives detectors, explosion-proof tank)
2, in order to meet the safety inspection of various types of factory enterprises, including foreign factory inspection, export, government inspection, ISO, CE certification, to check in time to check but do not want to buy security equipment, I can provide metal detection equipment, Foreign body detector, metal detection doors and other equipment rental services.
All the rental services, we are free of charge to provide professional security program planning and design; as a new generation of security equipment R & D manufacturers, we have well-trained, unity and efficient professional and technical services team, of which each technical staff have been professional training, 100% to meet the customer's equipment installation, maintenance and regular maintenance requirements: 1) for the event or exhibition activities of the leasing business, I will arrange for technical staff at the event site on standby; 2) industrial and mining enterprises in determining the lease program, I The Secretary will send technical staff on-site commissioning and technical guidance; 3) our technical staff will visit customers from time to time to enhance mutual exchanges. 4) We will invite customers to the factory and research center from time to time to visit; 5) customer's valuable comments and suggestions, the company will be accepted and adopted in a timely manner. 6) In order to more convenient for the majority of users of product training and after-sales maintenance services, the company has been in some parts of the country established a maintenance service center