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手探_X-光机_探测门_安检仪_安检门_安检机_安全门 手探_X-光机_探测门_安检仪_安检门_安检机_安全门 手探_X-光机_探测门_安检仪_安检门_安检机_安全门
about us

about us

Zhongke-Liansheng(Shenzhen)Technology Co.,Ltd

Zhongke-Liansheng(Shenzhen)Technology Co.,Ltd (referred to in the Branch of the Association) is a professional engaged in various types of security testing equipment, set research and development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the national hi-tech enterprises, the global security inspection system program Provider.

China Branch of the Chinese Academy of Relying on the strong technical support to public security areas of high-tech product demand-oriented, through the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and constantly provide high-end security for public security products, committed to social harmony and public security development and construction. Since the introduction of the series, the products have been praised by customers in various industries, exported to Asia, Africa, Europe, the United States...

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To become the world's leading high-quality security testing equipment and program providers

Service Area

  • 手探_X-光机_探测门_安检仪_安检门_安检机_安全门
    The Airport

  • 手探_X-光机_探测门_安检仪_安检门_安检机_安全门

  • 手探_X-光机_探测门_安检仪_安检门_安检机_安全门
    Station Pier

  • 手探_X-光机_探测门_安检仪_安检门_安检机_安全门

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