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Underground metal detectors
2017-10-27 17:31:04
What should the underground metal detector need to pay attention to when detecting? How can we ensure that the search is as carefully as possible?
(1) Take the watch, ring and other jewelery that comes with the body and place the detector on a wooden or plastic desk.
(2) adjust the angle of the probe to make the disk parallel to the ceiling. In the case of
Note: Do not test the detector on the floor of the building. Because most of the buildings have metal in the floor, they can interfere with the test object, or completely confuse the signal.
(3) Move the sample of the material you want to test (such as a gold ring or coin) at about 5 cm from the probe.  
Note: The probe can not detect still objects because you do not have a search scan for the detector, so you have to move the test object. If you can use coins to test, hand the coins of the plane (rather than the edge) to make it parallel with the probe, the probe will be easier to test and use the outdoor.
(1) looking for a non-metallic area outdoors.
(2) Place the sample (such as a gold ring or coin) you want to detect on the floor (if you are using a precious metal such as gold to test it, make sure that the sample is placed in the area for easy selection. High vegetation or tree protection).
(3) Hand-held detector, so that the probe disk parallel to the ground 2.5-5 cm, the metal detector in the sample area above the slow movement of the probe plate to the side of the edge (left and right) search.