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Understand the X-ray machine security machine on the human body how much radiati
2017-10-30 15:25:19
First of all from its composition and the principle of speaking: it is by the X-ray transmitter, graphics system, conveyor 3 parts. The transmitter mainly scans the object, analyzes it through the graphics system, and conveys the conveyor. 3-in-one to achieve no dead angle of the detection of contraband.
X-ray machine security machine "eyes" by X-ray to achieve, is a means of conveyor belt will be checked into the X-ray inspection channel to complete the inspection of electronic equipment. Baggage into the X-ray inspection channel, will block the package detection sensor, the detection signal is sent to the system control part, resulting in X-ray trigger signal to trigger the X-ray source to launch X-ray beam. A bundle of X-ray beams passing through the collimator passes through the test object on the conveyor belt, and the X-rays are absorbed by the test object and finally bombard the dual energy semiconductor detector mounted in the channel. The detector converts the X-rays into signals, and these weak signals are amplified and sent to the signal processing chassis for further processing.
X-ray is an electromagnetic wave that can penetrate opaque objects such as wood, paperboard, and leather. Can be based on the degree of object X-ray absorption, on the screen showing different colors of the image. In simple terms, orange represents organic matter, such as food, water, plastic, etc .; books, ceramics, etc. show green; metal is shown as blue. At this time, the security officer to quickly view the X-ray scan of the perspective image, you can rely on a wealth of experience to determine whether there is contraband.
Then X-ray machine security machine on the human body how much radiation?
And we can see the same light, X-ray machine is also an electromagnetic wave. Medical X-ray machine imager is the use of X-ray machine of this nature, to distinguish between bone and soft tissue. X-ray machine irradiation is ionizing radiation, excessive X-ray machine irradiation will cause damage to the living body, so unless necessary, X-ray machine diagnosis and treatment can not abuse. Baggage X-ray machine security instrument and medical X-ray machine imager the same principle, but because the baggage security requirements for imaging quality is not as high as medicine, so the baggage detector X-ray machine strength is much smaller, The radiation dose is about 1% of the medical X-ray machine imager. And the luggage security instrument on all sides with a certain thickness of the lead shield, luggage security channel is also used to block the curtain, the instrument can be outside the radiation dose of about two orders of magnitude reduction. Than to the hospital according to a X-ray machine received by the radiation even smaller. Once on the security testing agencies have a station inspection machine, a number of tests show that the security machine radiation are in line with GBZ127-2002 related requirements, compliance rate of 100%. Inspectors work daily for 8 hours, subject to a dose of about 0.4 millisieverts / year, well below the national standard 20 millisieverts / year. At this time we all know the X-ray machine security machine on the human body how much radiation, right? In fact, as long as the standard operation, select the full range of qualified manufacturers, X-ray machine on the human body can be said that the harm is very small.