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Product Details

803-- network video surveillance security door

Product Description

Security door parameters:
1, in line with international safety standards, the human heart pacemaker, pregnant women, film and other side effects;
2, LCD Chinese menu operation, set the detection sensitivity and counter parameters;
3, six or more consecutive detection area, each detection area of more than 90 sensitivity adjusted to meet the customers different detection of prohibited items, according to the pre-set metal items may good parts to the appropriate sensitivity adjustment, eliminate belt buckle, key, jewelry, mobile phone, can detect knives, guns etc. metal items, the highest sensitivity can detect the size of the metal clip 29mm.
4, both sides of the door built with LED lights display, you can directly see the body carrying hidden contraband corresponding position. Sound and light alarm at the same time, alarm time can be adjusted or pitch adjustable volume.
5, automatic statistics and alarm by the number of times, the accurate rate of more than 99%,
6, check the speed: no more than 1 / person (by normal, no alarm condition);
7, password protection, allowing only in charge of personnel operation, to prevent unauthorized people to change parameters, no maintenance, no need of regular calibration;
8, strong anti-interference ability, so that multiple devices side by side (adjacent two security doors 15 centimeters apart from each other without interference) completely independent work.
9, in line with "GB15210-2003 through the metal detector" national standard.
10, door body material: side is non wood material pillar, require door body take waterproof fog, fire, anti-collision, no scratches and other measures.
11, the channel size (mm): not less than 2000 (high) * 700 (w);
12. External power supply: 220V + 10%, 50/60HZ
13, the working environment: - 25 DEG ~55 DEG, humidity and high humidity environment need to meet in Xiamen;
14, the door to install network camera 720P, beautiful appearance, convenient assembly and disassembly (flow transportation can be quickly removed), both wired and wireless network access function, with 64G and above the memory card in the absence of network conditions can be automatically recorded on a local memory card, built-in ONVIF protocol and port 80 can the exhibition is connected to the existing security system platform; in order to prevent the large crowd when the camera is blocked or touch the items placed in the top bracket is tilted, the camera is installed on the bracket, but also can be used for the installation of passenger flow monitoring equipment. In addition, the network interface should be set up on the top and bottom of the security check gate to meet the requirements of network access in different locations.
15, each supporting 2 hand-held metal detectors;
16, wind resistance requirements, can work normally in the 4 level wind environment.
17, the door bottom support bar door protection spacing does not change when the increase in transportation;