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Product Details

GC1001 hand held metal detector

Product Description

Product Brief
GC-1001 is a small hand-held metal detector is a special tool for security inspection and product packaging inspection. It is convenient to use, without any adjustment controller, to detect metal objects fast response, sound and LED lighting simultaneously alarm. In detecting smaller metals, a clear, low pitched tone is emitted, and a high pitched tone is detected when the metal object is detected.
Functional characteristics
1, easy to operate and convenient.
2, with part of the antiskid design, easy to work.
3, operating without direction when detect metal, on both sides of the Alert lamp can emit red light alarm
4, very low battery consumption is the standby current is zero, when the work is less than 1mA.
5, extremely high accuracy and sensitivity - accurate detection of minimal metal objects (0.1g or even smaller). 6, the battery voltage prompt - the system continuously detects the power source, the battery fault, the voltage is insufficient, when the voltage is insufficient, when does not detect the metal, the red Alert will be bright, displays the replacement battery.
7, will produce different size according to the metal alarm tones, the headset can be in a noisy environment.
Specification parameter
1, detection sensitivity: 2.0mm steel ball
2, power supply: 9 volt battery (6F22ND)
3, power consumption: 220mW
4, working current: less than 50mA
5, working temperature: -10, -50
6, net weight: 350g
7, size: 410*85*15mm