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Product Details

GARRETT handheld metal detector

Product Description

Performance and characteristics
. The operation is simple and convenient, with part of the antiskid design, easy to work.
. Operating without direction: when detect metal. Both sides can emit red light alarm warning lamp
. Low battery consumption, the standby current is zero, when the work is less than 1mA.
. Extremely high accuracy and sensitivity - accurate detection of minimal metal objects (0.1 grams or even smaller)
. Battery voltage indication - the system continuously detects the power supply, the battery fault, the voltage is insufficient, the red warning light is bright when the battery is insufficient, and the battery is replaced.
. Will produce different size according to the metal alarm tones, the headset can be in a noisy environment.
Product parameter
Dimensions: 430mm (length) 40mm (W) 95mm (high)
Power supply: Standard 9V laminated alkaline battery
Alarm mode: acousto optic synchronous alarm
Product weight: 350 grams
Packing size: 450mm 225mm 445mm