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Product Details

ZK100100C type X light security inspection machine

Product Description

This parameter of the country's leading: inspection report by the national Ministry of public security in 2016
This machine can automatically sense the energy-saving design: objects, things start without rest
It is equipped with two high-definition display: 19 inch high-definition LCD display
Mass storage: directly to the hard disk. More than 200000 pieces
A key shutdown: shutdown control. Only when the turn key equipment, automatic safety shutdown, reduce equipment failure
* environmental design: lead curtain without film using the new film technology, to prevent lead pollution
* gigabit network transmission: data using gigabit network transmission technology advanced 15 times faster than similar products
Basic parameter index
The channel size. 1000 (width) x 1000 (high) mm
Weight...... about 1000kg
The speed of the conveyor..0.22-0.35. M/s (stepless speed regulation, improve the detection efficiency)
Conveyor belt rated load...230 kg
Single dose. Check. < 1.5 Gy.
Resolution - diameter 0.101mm wire.
Penetration..... 40mm steel plate
The film safety at the ISO1600 film safety
The leakage dose. <0.05. Gy/h.
X ray generator
The direction of the ray beam... Top view
The tube current at 0.4~1.2mA (adjustable).
Tube voltage at 100~160. KV (adjustable)
Ray beam divergence angle at 80 degrees.
The cooling / working cycle at oil cooling / 100%
Material resolution
X ray sensor.L photodiode array detector shape...
Image resolution.....1920 * 1080
Image processing:.24bit real time processing, color / black and white image, anti image display, edge enhancement, image enhancement, image enhancement, image darkening, image recovery, alarm function, image retrieval
The image is saved. 200000 pieces are stored in real time, and any image can be processed and saved continuously
Gray resolution. Can distinguish the thickness of 1mm-60mm, thickness difference of not less than 1mm aluminum ladder, gray level 4096
Organic matter can distinguish the thickness of 1mm-120mm resolution. The polymethacrylate, orange mixture and different saturation resolution can distinguish..... The thickness of 1mm-60mm aluminum, and different saturation green
The inorganic material can distinguish the steel with thickness of 0.2mm-14mm, and give the blue with different saturation
The material is able to distinguish three material samples with the same X ray attenuation ability and different atomic numbers, and give the PVC board green, giving the simulant plate and nylon 6 plate orange
The effective material is able to distinguish three kinds of material samples with the same X ray attenuation ability and different equivalent atomic number behind the three thickness steel plates of 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 3.5mm, and give green and blue respectively
Using environment
Temperature / humidity at.0 to 45 DEG C / 20% ~ 95% (not condensed)
The storage temperature / humidity at.-20 to 60 DEG C / 20% ~ 95% (not condensed)
Working voltage. - 110-220VAC (50-60Hz + 10%).
The power loss at 1.0KW. (max)
Noise level...... <65dB