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Product Details

Metal detector for sole

The product can be used for the places that the security door can not detect or inconvenient to take off shoes, and can quickly detect various dangerous goods hidden in the sole. Such as: small knife, small saw blade, all kinds of metal, etc., with stable performance, energy saving, environmental protection, beautiful appearance, clear and intuitive, simple operation, easy to carry a variety of advantages;
Product Description

Product features:
1, simple operation, super thin, super small, lightweight, portable.
2, can single foot, feet random detection.
3, strong ability for the environment, automatic balance, high sensitivity.
4, can automatically identify whether the metal, and alarm.
5, the security personnel were standing, standing time is not required.
6, battery low voltage alarm, built-in battery, plug can also be used directly.
7, installed around the LED flash to remind, to prevent pedestrian collision.
8, counter: automatic counting statistics when the alarm, and can be cleared count; using memory storage, power off after the last display is the use of alarm numbers, according to the need to maintain or clear count.
9, the software automatically balance sensitivity, high sensitivity to keep the equipment status in all kinds of environment.
10, the bearing is about 300kg, at the bottom of the antiskid design.
Applicable place:
Airport, hotel, judicial system, exhibition, entertainment.
Technical parameter:

Outline size

 Wide 400mm, wide 380mm, high 100mm


 1.5 kg

  Power Supply




  working temperature

-5℃ - + 55℃

  Working humidity

 5% - 95%

  Safety characteristics

 Waterproof and antiskid

  Alarm mode

 Voice alarm, LED lamp display

  Detection site

 Soles of shoes