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Product Details

Car bottom inspection mirror zk-301V

Product Description

Total weight of 1. system: 3.5KG
2. volume: 1023 (opening 1790) *149*156mm
3. battery capacity: 2200mAH
4. charging modes: battery charge, the charge can be alone
5. charging voltage: 110-240V
6. output voltage: 9~12.6v
7. battery alarm (optional): the battery voltage is lower than 10V, buzzer
8. continuous working time: about 7H
9. operating temperature: 0~60
10. camera rotation angle: 130 degrees
11. camera rotation mode: manual cable
12. camera type: F2.5 wide-angle CCD
13. features: have eliminated side overexposed function
14. pixel number: NTSC 512 (H) 492 (V) PAL 500 (H) 482 (V)
15. horizontal resolution: 420TVLines
16. working voltage: DC 12V 90mA
17. monitor: Color 4 TFT LCD
18. resolution: 480 (W) 234 (H)
19. visual area: 82.1 (W) *62.8 (H) mm
Distance: 0.171 (W) *0.264 (H)
1. the use of high-capacity lithium battery power supply, with long service life, battery life is better than lead-acid batteries and no charge memory characteristics, and small size and light;
2. using a 4 inch high resolution LCD display, the power consumption is less than 10W, clear display, and effectively extend the system working time. The display has angle adjustment function, you can choose more suitable for your angle to use;
The 3. factory of high quality HD wide-angle camera luminous, the vision is broad, night work better, to avoid similar products in near the tested surface will appear flare up with defects, rotation angle of one hundred and thirty degrees, so that no dead angle exists detection;
Excellent design concepts based on this system, using two folding structure, the maximum opening angle of 180 degrees, with a length of 1790mm, can enter the deep hole and a steel pipe, visitation, body different from the market, the product adopted 1.0mm steel sheet stamping forming, the total weight of only 3.5 kg, beautiful light. The operation is extremely labor-saving.