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Product Details

ZK5030C type X light security inspection machine

Product Description

This parameter of the country's leading: inspection report by the national Ministry of public security in 2016
It is equipped with a 19 inch high-definition high-definition display: LCD
Mass storage: directly to the hard disk. More than 200000 pieces
A key shutdown: shutdown control. Only when the turn key equipment, automatic safety shutdown, reduce equipment failure
* environmental design: lead curtain without film using the new film technology, to prevent lead pollution
* gigabit network transmission: data using gigabit network transmission technology advanced 15 times faster than similar products
Basic parameter index
Channel size 500 (width) * 300 (high) mm
The conveyor belt speed of 0.22-0.35 m/s (stepless speed regulation, improve the detection efficiency)
Conveyor belt rated load 120 kg
Resolution diameter 0.0787mm wire
Penetration of 40mm plate film on ISO1600 security security film
< 0.05 Gy/h leakage dose rate by more than 720 /h
X ray generator
Ray beam direction bottom type
The tube current is 0.4~1.2mA (adjustable)
The tube voltage is 100-160 KV (adjustable)
Ray beam divergence angle of 80 degrees
Cooling / working cycle seal type oil cooling /100%
Material resolution
Aluminum ladder gray resolution can distinguish the thickness of 1mm-60mm, the difference in thickness not less than 1mm
Organic resolution can distinguish the thickness of 1mm-120mm poly methyl acrylate, and different saturation of orange
The mixture can distinguish the thickness of 1mm-60mm resolution of aluminum, and different saturation green
Inorganic resolution can distinguish the thickness of 0.2mm-14mm thick steel, and different saturation of blue
The material resolution can distinguish three material samples with the same X ray attenuation ability and different atomic number, and give the PVC board green, giving the imitation board and nylon 6 plate orange
Effective material resolution can distinguish three kinds of material samples with the same X ray attenuation ability and equivalent atomic number behind three thickness steel plates of 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm, which are assigned to green and blue respectively
Using environment
Temperature / humidity at 0 ~ 45 DEG /20%~95% (not condensed)
Storage temperature / humidity -20 DEG ~60 DEG /20%~95% (not condensed)
The working voltage is 90-220VAC (+ 10%) 50-60Hz