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Product Details

ZK-1512 (bridge type) wing brake

Product Description

Product features:
1, using 304 stainless steel sheet stamping molding, beautiful, durable, easy to use, no maintenance.
2 dimensions: length * width * high 1200 300 990 (mm)
3, the channel width is less than 660MM
4 control modes: automatic, one-way traffic (two-way)
5, work environment: indoor (outdoor awning frame should be used)
6, the electronic anti pinch function: when the gate is closed, the induction pedestrians stopped immediately;
7, the electric driven by DC motor is stable and reliable, self checking, low failure rate;
8, super bright pass instruction function: direction indication adopts super bright LED lamp design, indicating more eye-catching;
9, pass through the alarm: pedestrians not enter the credit card channel, equipment alarm pedestrian card;
10, alarm function: retrograde gate pedestrian credit card after retrograde, alarm and closing device;
11, the anti tail function: the first one card pass, second people do not swipe tail alarm at any time;
12, a variety of control functions: by setting, the gate can be set in the special period of normal open mode, to meet a large number of people pass;
13, the mode of choice: in order to meet the different requirements, you can set a two-way swipe card or one side swipe card plus free access;
14, a variety of control functions: external metal security door, bar code instrument, IC or ID and other control equipment;
15, the remote control function: through the computer connected to the RS485 card or TCP RS485 remote control gate;
16, automatic reset function: after the card does not pass within the specified time, the machine closed again, cancel the pass, the time 1 - 60 seconds.
17, limit the number of functions: the number of passengers can be restricted by software to meet the special circumstances of personnel management; (must be customized)
18, the counting function can increase the number of Import Statistics: counter (to be customized);
Electrical parameters:
19, power supply: AC90-220V, 50/60Hz;
20, the working environment temperature: -40 - 70;
21, relative humidity: less than 95%, no condensation;
22, pass speed: 30 person / minute;
23, DC motor: 20W/24V;
24. Input interface: standard switch signal;
25, communication interface: RS485 standard electrical communication distance: <1200 meters
Installation and debugging:
The metal three roller gate adopts the integrated design, only 10 minutes can be installed or disassembled, and random installation, commissioning and operation instructions.
Field of use:
1, the office building: business and government etc.;
2, science and education units: universities, research institutes, libraries etc.;
3, commercial establishments: supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, banks, etc.;
4, leisure entertainment, scenic spots, such as: Park playground;
5, transportation site: bus station, train station, subway station, airport, etc..