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Product Details

ZK-1313 (manual type) swing gate

Product Description

Product features:
1, the use of GB 304 stainless steel sheet stamping molding, beautiful, durable, easy to use, no maintenance
2, size: 89 x 600 x 950 (mm)
3, single channel width is less than 600: (mm)
4, control mode: Manual
5, brake lever steering: one way
6, working environment: indoor and outdoor
Field of use:
7, import and export channels for one-way or two-way flow control;
8, station, dock, tourist attractions import and export channels;
9, the exhibition, swimming pool and other ticket pass;
10, residential, factories, enterprises and institutions of the import and export of special channel access control, attendance, consumption management control;
11, transportation site: bus station, train station, subway station, airport, etc..