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Product Details

ZK-1312A (bridge inclined plane) swing gate

Product Description

Product features:
1, the use of GB 304 stainless steel sheet stamping molding, beautiful, durable, easy to use, no maintenance
2, size: 1200 x 280 x 990 (mm)
3, single channel width is less than 900: (mm)
4, control mode: fully automatic
5, brake rod steering: unidirectional and bidirectional (optional)
6, work environment: indoor (outdoor awning frame should be used)
7, mechanical clamping function: when the automatic anti pinch gate operation more safe and more reliable;
8, the electric driven by DC motor is stable and reliable, self checking, low failure rate;
9, super bright pass instruction function: direction indication adopts super bright LED lamp design, indicating more eye-catching;
10, pass through the alarm: pedestrians not enter the credit card channel, equipment alarm pedestrian card;
11, reverse alarm shutdown function: pedestrian swipe back, equipment alarm and turn off the gate; (must be customized)
12, the anti tail function: the first one card pass, second people do not swipe tail alarm at any time;
13, can set the delay function: prevent the gate switch through pedestrian or vehicle;
14, a variety of control functions: by setting, the gate can be set in the special period of normal open mode, to meet a large number of people pass;
15, the mode of choice: in order to meet the different requirements, you can set a two-way card or one-way credit card plus free access;
16, a variety of control functions: external metal security door, buttons, remote control, bar code instrument, IC or ID and other control equipment;
17, the remote control function: through the computer connected to the RS485 card or TCP RS485 remote control gate;
18, automatic reset function: after the card does not pass within the specified time, the machine back to lock again, cancel the pass, time 1 - 60 seconds.
19, anti-collision function: gate in the closed state by external force collision, can choose after collision can not open the gate lever or can break open the gate lever automatic return function.
20, limit the number of functions: the number of passengers can be restricted by software to meet the special circumstances of personnel management; (must be customized)
21, counting function can increase the number of Import Statistics: counter (to be customized);
Electrical parameters:
22, power supply: AC90-240V, 50/60Hz;
23, the working environment temperature: -40 - 70;
24, relative humidity: less than 95%, no condensation;
25, pass speed: 30 person / minute;
26, DC motor: 20W/24V;
27. Input interface: standard switch signal;
28, communication interface: RS485 standard electrical communication distance: <1200 meters;
Field of use:
29, import and export channels for one-way or two-way flow control;
30, station, dock, tourist attractions import and export channels;
31, the exhibition, swimming pool and other ticket pass;
32, District, factory, enterprises and institutions import and export attendance, access control, consumption management special channel control;
33, transportation site: bus station, train station, subway station, airport, etc..