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Product Details

ZK-200200 High Definition X-ray Safety Inspection Equipment

ZK200200 High Definition X-ray Safety Inspection Equipment is a large multi-energy X-ray safety developed by Shenzhen Zhongke Liansheng Technology Co., Ltd.
Inspection equipment, using domestic leading digital image processing system and multi-energy detector, has the advantages of clear image, reliable performance and so on.
At present, it has been used in dozens of large logistics parks and express enterprises in China.

Product Description

Basic parameter index
Channel Size: 2000 (Wide) *2000 (High) mm (Channel Size can be customized according to customer requirements)
Conveyor Belt Speed: 0.22 m/s (Standard Speed, Stepless Speed Adjustment, Improve Detection Efficiency)
The rated load of the conveyor belt is 2000kg (standard 5MM conveyor belt, more resistant to stretching, not easy to deform; surface anti-static treatment, not easy to dirty, easy to clean)
Resolution: 0.078 mm diameter wire
Penetration Force 43 mm Steel Plate
Film Safety: Safety for ISO1600 Film
Leakage dose <0.1 UG Gy/h

X-ray Generator
Tube current 1-2 mA (adjustable)
Tube Voltage 160-200 kV (Adjustable)
X-ray beam divergence angle 80 degrees
Cooling/Working Cycle Sealed Oil Cooling/100%

Material discrimination
Gray scale resolution: Aluminum ladder with thickness of 1mm-60mm and thickness difference of not less than 1mm
Organic matter resolution Polymethacrylate with thickness of 1 mm-120 mm and orange with different saturation
Mixture resolution: Aluminum with thickness of 1mm-60mm can be distinguished and green with different saturation.
Inorganic Matter Resolution Steel with Thickness of 0.2mm-14mm and Different Saturation Blue
Material Resolution: It can distinguish three kinds of material samples with the same X-ray attenuation ability and different equivalent atomic number, and give the PVC board green, the analogue board and the nylon 6 board orange.
Effective Material Resolution: Three kinds of material samples with the same X-ray attenuation ability and different equivalent atomic number behind three kinds of steel plates with thickness of 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm can be distinguished and given green and blue respectively.

Use environment
Operating temperature/humidity: 0 ~45 C/20%~95% (non-condensation)
Storage Temperature/Humidity -20 ~60 /20%~95% (without condensation)
Operating Voltage 220VAC (+10%) 50+3Hz
Power Loss 3.0 KW (Maximum)