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Product Details

MD-5008 underground metal detector

Made of international advanced technology design and high quality components. Detection depth, accurate positioning, high resolution, simple operation. Mainly used for detection and identification of hidden buried metal.
Product Description

MD-5008 type underground metal detector
The characteristics of MD-5008 type underground metal detector:
1. balance: can effectively eliminate the earth mineralization reaction has better penetrability
2.: recognition can distinguish between magnetic metal and nonmagnetic metal.
3.MD-5008 underground metal detector of gold, silver, iron, tin...... All metals can be detected, but the earth, ceramics, rocks, plastics, cement, wood and other materials that can cover these metals can penetrate.
4.MD-5008 underground metal detector can carry, and with the size of the two probes.
MD-5008 type underground metal detector mainly used:
1. scrap acquisitions
2. Criminal Police Department's investigation and search
3. archaeology, found buried in the underground metal artifacts and treasures of gold and silver
4. check underground pipes, wires, cables. It is an indispensable tool for building construction, water supply decoration, power supply transformation, urban reconstruction and other operations
5. prospecting can be used to explore various kinds of metal minerals, and it is more effective for some high-grade ores, especially for natural gold nuggets
MD-5008 type underground metal detector technology parameters:
1. signal frequency: 6.99KHz
2. audio frequency: 437Hz
3. weight: 2.875KG
4.: small sensitivity: 25-30cm (25 cents) market: 35-40cm (25 cents)
5. maximum detection depth: Small Cap: 1.5 meters wide: 3.0-3.5 meter MD-5008 type underground metal detector, which is embedded in the dry soil 60 x 60 x 1cm aluminum plate test results.
6. power supply: 8 1.5V batteries (with external battery and battery box bag)
7. operation mode: ground balance / recognition
8. packing: 4 containers per box.