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Product Details

ZK-1832 (bridge arc) barrier free passage

Product Description

Product features:
1, the use of GB 304 stainless steel sheet stamping molding, beautiful, durable, easy to use, no maintenance.
2 dimensions: length * width * high 1200 220 1000 (mm)
3, weight: 60Kg
4, brake rod steering: unidirectional and bidirectional (optional)
5, the working environment: indoor and outdoor (must awning frame)
6, the 6 of infrared pedestrian detection more accurate;
7, inorganic core design is more efficient;
8, ultra bright traffic indicator: the direction of the super bright LED lamp design, indicator
More eye-catching;
9, through the alarm function: pedestrians did not swipe into the channel, the device alarm prompts pedestrian card;
10, alarm function: retrograde gate pedestrian credit card after the retrograde, alarm equipment;
11, anti trailing function: the first person to pass the card, second people do not swipe the tail alarm at any time;
12, pass request memory function: pedestrians repeatedly swipe card, the gate opportunity to remember the number of people to stay
All pedestrians pass system reset, pedestrians need to swipe again;
13, remote control function: through the computer to connect RS485 card or TCP to RS485 remote control gate machine.
14, traffic limiting function: through the software limited access number, to meet the needs of personnel management under special circumstances; (custom)
15, the number of counters can be increased. (customization)
Technical parameter:
16, weight: 80Kg
17, in and out direction: one way or two way
18, working voltage: AC90-240 V 50/60HZ
19, communication interface: RS485 standard distance less than 1200 meters
20, temperature: -10 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius, relative humidity is less than 90%;
Field of use:
21, import and export channels for one-way or two-way flow control;
22, station, dock, tourist attractions import and export channels;
23, the exhibition, swimming pool and other ticket pass;
24, District, factory, enterprises and institutions import and export attendance, access control, consumption management special channel control;
25, transportation site: bus station, train station, subway station, airport, etc..