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Product Details

GP140 Handheld Metal Detectors

1, Concept structure design, Avant-garde, with unparalleled streamline, full of rhythm.
2, Detecting face large, uniform, high sensitivity, easy to operate.
3, No need to adjust the detection sensitivity, sensitive to the two levels of choice, just touch film to switch.
4, Sound and light alarm, vibration alarm one-button operation switch, but also according to customer requirements for silent alarm (optional).
5, Non-slip of the hand grip, user-friendly.
6, Break the traditional concept of wired contact charging, using the world's most advanced wireless transmission charging technology, and have independent intellectual property rights.

Product Description

Expert evaluation:
The overall design and application of art aesthetics reflect most vividly. Already in line with the European ROHS, CE certification, which will become high-level buyers of all ages.
Discover the hidden weapons, detonators, and tiny metal objects in the human body or in packages, bags, cartons and other objects. They are widely used in hospital operating rooms, airports, prison systems and digital electronics factories.
Product parameters:
Overall dimensions: length 340mm * 40mm (handle diameter) * 80mm
Working power: 6F22ND 9V battery (alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries), it is highly recommended rechargeable batteries
Sealing performance: IP64
Alarm mode: audible alarm or light alarm
Product weight: 365g