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Product Details

803/18--18 partition precise metal security door

Product Description

Function brief introduction
Features: 1, 18 partition, more accurate and more intuitive, the sensitivity of each district can be adjusted individually, each subarea alarm display alone, also can be converted to multi partition and single partition alarm according to the need;
2, built-in power supply: not afraid of power failure, or temporary outdoor without plug in use, can be used for 2-8 hours (this function must be customized)
Operation mode:
Panel digital key operation; infrared remote control; remote computer network operation;
Deluxe LCD display, bilingual menu;
Detection area:
According to the basic structure of the detector is divided into a plurality of overlapping detection area, using mesh detection methods and single frequency excitation technique to eliminate the detection area of weak areas and blind areas, higher sensitivity and more stable performance.
Alarm mode:
Sound and light alarm tone, speed can distinguish metal size, a variety of alarm volume model suitable for different occasions, through the post about the super bright LED alarm lamp can accurately display the body corresponding high hiding contraband.
Region sensitivity:
The highest sensitivity can detect the size of the metal content object clip, can be adjusted between 0-255, according to the requirement of detection sensitivity to the location is transferred to the appropriate adjustment of the sensitivity, and can also adjust on the overall sensitivity. Preset the weight, volume, size, location, key, jewelry, belt buckle and other false alarms of metal objects.
Product process:
PVC product synthetic materials and special process manufacturing, waterproof, moisture-proof, luxury and beautiful appearance, more suitable for large-scale use of advanced places.
Intelligent statistics:
Traffic and alarm intelligent automatic counting function, can alarm by the number of statisticians and the number of.
Strong anti-interference ability:
Through digital simulation and balance technology, to prevent false alarm and omission, greatly improve the anti-interference ability.
Using double password protection, only authorized personnel to operate, can be modified according to the needs of the password, and provide password loss recovery settings, security
Higher. Parameter setting of automatic storage, without using uninterruptible power supply protection, more safe and more convenient.
Electromagnetic radiation:
In accordance with the EMC electromagnetic radiation standards, the use of weak magnetic field technology, the pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, floppy disk, film, video tapes and other harmless.
Installation and debugging:
The equipment adopts integrated design, only 20 minutes can be installed or disassembled, and random installation, commissioning and operation instructions.
technical parameter
Power supply: AC100V-240V 50HZ-60HZ
Power: <35W
Size: 2200mm (high) 800mm (W) 500mm (Shenzhen)
Channel size: 2010mm (high) 700mm (W) 500mm (Shenzhen)
Color: black, white, blue and other colors to choose from
Total weight: About 70kg
Working environment: -20 degree C - 45 degree C
Meet the standards: GB15210-2003 "by the national standard" general specification for metal detector