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Product Details

Car bottom inspection mirror zk-301

Product Description

Product brief:
Mirror: diameter 30CM convex convex 2 magnification effect, strong toughness, not broken, safe and durable. Surrounded by the bottom hard rubber, can effectively prevent the collision damage to the mirror caused.
Detectable minimum height: 10cm
Grip: the retractable rod, the maximum depth to the bottom of the vehicles and the goods to be detected, Shuangzhu shrapnel, plastic ring double insurance positioning, using high-quality aluminum structure, lightweight, strong, beautiful. Outdoor grill surface clean room paint processing, long-term use does not fade, no smell. Equipped with a black cotton foam handle grip feeling good.
Light source: fluorescent lamp and LED light source are optional. The fluorescent lamp has the natural and gentle characteristics of the light source; the LED lamp has the characteristics of long life, high brightness, waterproof, removable and acting as a working lamp, etc.. Customers can choose the right light use according to their characteristics.
Power supply: LED flashlight can choose appropriate light source according to their characteristics. It's not wet and it's used in rain conditions.
Easy to carry: our products can be folded rod, fixed and withdrawn. Can be equipped with easy to carry bag, can be dismantled when not in use and collection.
Environmental friendly: the material conforms to the rhos standard, suitable for export to other countries.
Product specification:
Length of tie rod: 120-140cm
Net weight: 1.6kg
Gross weight: 1.9kg
Packing size: 55*40*37cm (4 / box, 8kg)
Features and scope of application: economical, portable, simple and clear, with three support movable wheels, to promote lightweight, applied to check the car \ "table \ stool \" bottom, whether there is abnormal, security tools