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Product Details

ESH-10 handheld metal detector

Product Description

Performance and characteristics
. Streamline design, beautiful appearance
. The detection area is large, the detection speed is fast, and the detection sensitivity is high
. Two kinds of alarm modes are chosen: sound light alarm or vibration alarm
. Durable, two meters high free fall without damage
. With voltage indicator / charging indicator, rechargeable battery can be used without disassembly and direct charging
technical parameter
1. battery: stacked 9V
2. applicable temperature: -15~45 degrees Celsius
3. operating frequency: 25K Hz
4. reset time: 0.5 seconds, automatic
5. size: weight: 225 grams (excluding batteries), width: 77 mm, height: 26 mm, length: 375 mm
6. detection distance: the sensing sensitivity of the detector varies with the size, size, density, and surrounding environment of the detected metal object.