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Dental Panorama X-ray machine
2017-10-26 17:37:50
The main feature of the system is the combination of the voltage potential and anode current and a large exposure time range and access to a huge energy supply. The high beam penetrating power ensures a clear image, good radiographic contrast to achieve the best detail of the vision, the X-ray timer in the microprocessor can ensure long-term consistency in larger engineering conditions , To ensure a high diagnostic quality.
Flexibility: the use of mobile sensors, the system in the panorama or head check mode between the switch, high efficiency, flexible use, low cost; system with a network function of the dental imaging software package, can be all-round Oral radiological examination. This package is open to other imaging devices. Its digital imaging processing functions include inversion, color, contrast, brightness, gamma, sharpening, median filtering and measurement. Its built-in filtering options and image control tools optimize diagnostic images and improve detail.
Easy-to-use digital technology: This device uses a CCD sensor for maximum clarity of the panorama and head check images. The use of constant potential X-ray generator and small focus ray tube, can guarantee the best image quality; the system has automatic image acquisition, fast processing and highlight the most important details on the computer screen and other functions, easy to use.
Operation: The symbolic image on the control panel is intuitive; the system provides a total of seven panorama programs and three head check procedures that can be used to check for four different types of patients.
Use: The system is compact, comfortable and easy to use, the patient only in the traditional way to face a mirror can be. Use three lasers to correct the patient's position to ensure complete alignment. The level of coverage caused by mandibular retraction or protrusion can be corrected by the motorized translation of the carriage. At the request of customers, adjustable telescopic mandibular mandrel can be installed to increase stability;
The carriage is locked by the brake and can be moved vertically to check the patient sitting in a wheelchair. If it can not be fixed on the wall, a stand-alone stand can be provided.