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Digital mammography
2017-10-26 17:36:31
Digital mammography, with the most cost-effective for patients with meticulous care. Even in the case of a large number of patients with physical examination, you can get high-quality images.
Image is clear and practical: panoramic digital mammography X-ray machine with a complete milk X-ray photography system; optimization of breast cancer screening and diagnostic procedures.
Amorphous selenium: the use of the most advanced amorphous selenium detector technology, higher signal to noise ratio, higher efficiency;
Through the amorphous selenium, the imaging X-ray can be directly converted into charge, directly X-ray energy clearly out.
Mechanical support: with geometric magnification, can be equipped with cartridge and filter grid device; automatically select a small focus, reduce the radiation dose.
ACR display: the top of the display keyboard, auxiliary display C-arm inclination, ACR projection, pressure, breast thickness and side selection.
BYM: Center C-arm, through the pre-set and precise adjustment of the angle, can be optimized to optimize the C-arm motor; BYM upgrade to three-dimensional positioning biopsy device.
BYM 3D: panoramic digital stereotactic biopsy provides a reliable solution for diagnostic applications; image acquisition program; 3D image viewing, marker positioning, marker depth setting; no mark number restriction; automatic positioning biopsy device; database management biopsy device; Puncture needle; automatic selection of biopsy device adapter; can check and biopsy for image acquisition; maximize the functional area and biopsy device.
Computer-aided detection: can be used with optional computer-aided scanning (CAD) system. The software uses artificial intelligence algorithms to identify potential breast lesions, depending on the type of lesion (mass or microcalcification) using different symbols to display the results on the original image.
High-definition image acquisition workstation: The collection station is equipped with a transparent anti-X-ray protection screen to ensure the safety of the operator.